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Reservations for distillation are accepted on the phone number 0910 959 959 or by email at

Become part of the Myjavska Distillery team!

For our upcoming project, we are looking for colleagues for the positions of distiller, fruit grower and fermentation technologist. Do not hesitate to send us your CV to the email address


Author: Ivan Kováč


Do you have an excess of fruit and don’t know what to do with it?

We buy healthy, fresh fruit, especially plums, apples, pears. Contact us at phone no. 0915 712 896, or by email at



We will buy agricultural land!

We buy agricultural arable land, meadows, pastures of larger sizes in the Myjava region. Send offers by email to, or by phone to 0915 712 896. Thank you in advance for any offer.



We will buy a plum orchard!

Kúpime pozemok využívaný ako ovocný – slivkový sad. Send offers by email to, or by phone to 0915 712 896, thank you in advance!


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Complete travel guide to Kopanice Region. Visit Kopanice!

K O P A N I C E . S K


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