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Price list

Reservations for distillation are accepted on the phone number 0910 959 959 or by email at

Prices for services

1 liter 50% destilátu





Included in price:

• Reduced consumption tax


• Usage of Arnold Holstein production equipment

• Overhead expenses, energy and services

• Dilution of the distillate

• Liquidation of waste products


Ferment transportation:

• 1,- eur/ 1 km

• 10,- eur per load

• You can borrow our 50-liter containers in advance for transport – FREE of charge.


Ferment pumping at home:

• 20,- eur/ 1 hour of work


The volume of the distillation boiler is 300 liters but we can distillate 100 liters of ferment at least. The required yield of one boiler is at least 10 lA, i.e. 20 liters of 50% distillate. If the boiler is not fully used, we charge a surcharge of EUR 30. We also offer you the option of de-stoning your ferment before distillation, for FREE.



According to the law, for one grower and his household, it is possible for one production period, i.e. According to the law, for one grower and his household, it is possible for one production period, i.e. from July 1 to June 30 of the following year, distillate from fruit ferment in the amount of 43 la at a reduced rate of alcohol excise duty (7.452€/la) in the grower’s distillery. If this amount is exceeded, the grower must pay the full amount of the basic rate of alcohol consumption tax (14,904€/la) for the exceeded amount.


• Activities in our distillery are carried out in accordance with operating regulations and applicable legislation.

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