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About us

Reservations for distillation are accepted on the phone number 0910 959 959 or by email at

When the roots come alive…


It has been distilled in Myjava since time immemorial… At Buchlové, near the brick factory and in Žaboškreky as well.


No, distilleries here are not passed down from generation to generation, nor are schools taught… it’s just in us.


Inside of Myjava habitants.


Sooner or later, with each added year and gray hair, each of us begins to realize the beauty of our native region. A region that is interwoven with traditions, folklore, thatched roofs, beautiful dugouts, a harsh dialect… and burnt.


And by what kind of distillation?!


MYJAVSKÁ SLIVOVICA is not an ordinary schnapps.


It is a meeting with a good friend, a wish of health before lunch, first aid in distress and the most beautiful song in the evenings.


With this idea and a strong regional feeling, in 2020 we bought the only preserved Myjava distillery, in Žaboškrek, from the Kulíšková family.


After a complete reconstruction, in a pleasant environment and with the help of new technology, where the greatest emphasis is placed on the quality of the produced distillate, you can burn your own schnapps here, with which you will proudly treat not only your family.






The heart of the distillery is a new all-copper Arnold Holstein distillation column with a boiler volume of 300 liters.


The device allows you to actively control the distillation and extract the best taste and aromatic properties of the distillate.


Honest kvass, preheating in a master tank, boiling kvass in a water bath, a steam dome, a three-story rectification column, a dephlegmator, a catalyst and, after each distillation, a complete purification with a high-pressure rinse with rotary nozzles is the basis for your noble distillate, whose delicate taste harmonizes with the delicious aroma of a specific type of fruit.


And see for yourself whether it really is a Mercedes among technologies.


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